Fisk v0.045 has been released!

6 Months later and here is 0.045! It has been a long journey!

Let’s dive right into the changes I have made for the last 6 months!

Or if you don’t want to read you can download 0.045 right here!

PLEASE NOTE!! Save games older than v0.045 is not compatible and WILL crash the game, start a new game from the menu instead of loading the old save!

Feedback, suggestions & bugs etc can be reported to me on:

Updated Godot to 4.1.2

The project has been updated to the latest version of Godot 4.1.2.
Very important for stability, performance and future features!
A custom splash screen has also been created and added to the game!

Changed physics engine to godot-jolt

The physics engine that comes stock with Godot has been replaced with godot-jolt. It is based on the jolt physics engine used in games like Horizon Forbidden West! Perfect for an open world game like Fisk!
Biggest change for the player right now is that the player can now stand of top of physics objects without the objects falling through the world and push the around by walking on them, but more will come!

Updated qodot to 2023.3.2

Qodot godot plugin has been updated to 2023.3.2. One HUGE change with this is that it doesn’t require C# to work anymore and as an effect made the zip file for Fisk about half the size! VERY nice!

More items and blueprints

6x new items and 3x blueprints has been added to the game.

Equipable player items

The new items main focus is that the are equipable to the player in some way, upgrades if you will.
So things like swimming faster and staying underwater longer without drowning.
Together with the items themselves the inventory has been improved with icons to show what and where things are equipped. (See example in “UI improvements and changes” further down)

Items can now be thrown

Items in the player inventory can now be selected as “throwables” and thrown with a button (g per default)! (think grenade button). This gives the player an extra weapon option. (And stealth option in the future to lure away enemies!)

Updated existing tiles (a lot) and added new ones!

Almost all existing terrains pieces (tiles) has been updated or tweaked and improved in some way! Under water tiles also has bubble particle effects.

Lighting and Shadows has also been approved everywhere so things should look a bit nicer now!

4x new tiles has also been created and added! I wont spoil them, but I am quite proud of them and they add a lot of extra depth to the game!

New “props” has also been created and added to existing tiles to give them more flavor.

Books, Notes, and a library menu in the player inventory

6x notes and 1x book has been added to the game, and a library section in the inventory where they can be read! Here is an example:

UI improvements and changes

All UI views has been tweaked and updated. Biggest changes is on the inventory menu, here is an example to show what I mean.

Better listing of items, equip icons, close button and a paper doll that shows both damage and physiological state.

All corners and borders in all menus has been updated, and all menus now have close buttons!
All blueprints now have descriptions and items descriptions have color coded tags in their descriptions helping the player understand what they are used for.

Insanity system improvements

Some tweaks and effects related to insanity has also been added, I’m not going to say more than that, it is a surprise!

A new NPC and improvements to existing NPCs.

1x NPC has been added to the game and all other NPCs has had tweaks and improvements. Hit detection on the NPC has also been greatly improved!

More sounds

NPC have have new sounds and more pickup sounds has also been added.

Updates to the options menu

Rebinding keys in the options menu as been MUCH improved and expanded, mouse buttons can now be assigned to actions as well.
All audio sliders in Options menu are now working properly.

Performance improvements

Performance has improved across the board, this is both because of updates in the Godot engine itself and because of things I fixed in the Fisk project. It should be much easier to keep a steady FPS now, but more improvements will most definitely come in the future as well, especially related to loading games and loading new terrain.

The size of save files has also been improved by about 25% which will help larger save files load and save a bit faster.

Other things

  • Fall damage has been added to the game so don’t try to jump from the lighthouse.
  • Plus many many bug fixes and minor tweaks.
  • Lore tweaks and additions to the world.


Thank you everyone that has supported me in this insane project so far you know who you are!
Next version v0.046 is planned for July/August.

Until next time, have a good one!