Fisk v.0.044 has been released!

After about 6 months of development 0.044 is finally here! I am very proud of this release and a lot of things are new, changed, added and fixed so lets dive into it!

Or if you don’t want to read you can download it right here!

PLEASE NOTE!! Save games older than v0.044 is not compatible and WILL crash the game, start a new game from the menu instead of loading the old save!

Feedback, suggestions & bugs etc can be reported to me on:

Updated Fisk to Godot 4.1 from Godot 3.

This is what took the longest to get right, there is some things left to be done, especially some shadows can look strange, but there is no doubt that this move was totally worth it though, if not only for the HUGE fps boost I got.

Other nice things just to mention a few I now can support because of this upgrade is:

Godot 4.1 enables A LOT of cool things and will make me able use the latest features from Godot in the project!

Updated UI and UX

The UI has been much updated with textures and redesign. Pictures speak louder than words so here is some screenshots.

Map generator rewritten

Except for the upgrade from Godot 3 to Godot 4.1, the second most time consuming thing I worked on was how the terrain is generated, it is not perfect and some speed improvements can most def be made but the fundamentals are there and working, which will make it quite easy to add more depth levels and tiles in the future.

Here some examples of map generation with and without the water toggled:

New terrain, New POIs, New Items

There is not as many new terrain tiles and POIs as wanted it to be for 0.044 but there is a few of them, one of them is a cave system…

Some new items as well has been added.

New features

There is many minor tweaks and changes but here is some of the bigger ones:

  • Player Map
    • A map has been added to the player inventory. It is dynamic and based on how much the player have explored. It always show where the submarine are and where the “Island” are.
  • Player logbook
    • A logbook has been added to the player inventory. Sometimes the player character will write things in the logbook to give the player more flavor and information about the environment.
  • Player can crouch
    • Being able to reach tighter areas and being the foundation to sneaking is being able to crouch, which has now been added.
  • Better player movement
    • Player movement is now less glitchy and should feel better.
  • Basic insanity system
    • I am deliberately keeping this a bit vague but the early implementation of the insanity system has been implemented.
  • Permadeath
    • The world in Fisk is a dangerous place. Fisk is not a roguelike but it is very dangerous and permadeath emphasize that.
  • Better AI
    • Especially the Sharks should feel more interesting now, but also others have been updated or at least had their code structure simplified and improved!

New and updated textures

New texture has been added and used for …new things, but also older textures has been updated to look a bit nicer.

New sounds

A lot of new sounds has been added especially contact sounds and player related sounds. There is ofc much more sounds coming in the next upcoming versions but things feels much more alive than before!


Hopefully the main bulk of 0.045 will be more content. More tiles, more items, MAYBE a new creature, a new depth level, etc.

There is also some game mechanics that I am aiming for as well.

Things are not written in stone but that is the direction I am going for!

I will try to keep you all updated through the roadmap (thank you likerazorwire for the suggestion!) that you can find on this site!

Release date is always super hard but I would guess around Christmas. (unless i need to do bug fix releases)


I would like to thank everyone that has supported me in anyway so far, v.0.044 is a HUGE step in the direction I want the game to be in so it feels extra nice to finally be here. I hope you all enjoy v0.044!

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Fisk v.0.044 has been released!

  • LH
    2023-09-23 at 6:03 PM


    • Kristian Nilsen
      2023-09-24 at 1:13 AM

      Right now only this website! But hopefully one day when the game is more mature! 🙂

  • Luis Mimic Box
    2023-09-29 at 7:13 AM

    Great success to put a playable prototype. I went around the first island and found the submarine. It was enough to make me want more.
    Good luck with the project, I love the idea and the visual design is very promising.

    • Kristian Nilsen
      2023-09-29 at 9:36 AM

      Thank you! Happy you liked it! More is coming!

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