First real public release of Fisk is here (0.043)!

This is a big milestone for me, it has taken around 2 years of on and off development during my free time to get here! I am very proud what I have so far and I hope for many more updates in the future! So lets dive into it!

Download 0.043 here:

The older versions where previously for testers only (ie: my friends <3) so ignore those!

What to expect.

First of all the game is NOT feature complete. This release should be considered a preview/demo! More things will come, but they are not there yet.

There is content, enemies, weapons, some secrets, and a huge world to explore!

The things that are missing the most is content and “horror” elements. Sharks can be a bit scary to but there needs to be more!

Known issues

  • Sometimes there is holes in the terrain. – Nothing to see here!! It will be fixed eventually! >_>
  • Game will “lag” the first time resources are loaded

Whats next

Here is some things I will work on to the next release 0.044

  • More rebindable keys
  • More sounds for things, submarine, enemies, etc
  • More tiles
  • More craftable items.
  • Fixes and tweaks
  • More optimizations, especially the player island

Things coming further down the line (after 0.044):

  • Insanity system
  • New npcs
  • Schools of fish
  • More unique tiles

End note

I would like to thank everyone that has supported me and my project.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart

Feedback, suggestions, bugs etc can all be reported on the Fisk forum here:

You can also contact me on twitter.

Or send me an email: